There are various historical places in Etah that have religious significance. They are :

  • Kaali mandir
  • Kailash Mandir
  • Janta Durga Mandir
  • Pathwari Mandir
  • Bada Jain Mandir

Along with these places it has :

Noah Kera village is another holy place where it is believed that Lord Shri Krishna wedded Rukmini (incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi).

Etah is also known for world famous Gurukul. It is said to be providing education using traditional methods. Gurukuls are ancient residential schools.

Kailash Temple

Kailash temple was established by Raja Dilsukh Rai Bahadur. Since its construction, its nearby area has been called as Kailashganj. Height of this temple is around 200 ft while the height of the Lord Shiva idol established inside the temple is around 125 ft. The idol of Lord Shiva is created with white marble and besides this an idol of Nandi made of white marble is established. The idol of Lord Shiva established here is four headed. In the north and south side of the Lord Shiva idol, idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati are established respectively. Roof of the temple has fines carvings alike Ajanta and Elora that are mesmerizing and magnificent. Along with this, there is a lake created in the quadrangle of the temple where several steps are being constructed to descend into the lake. To reach the main temple devotees have to climb around 108 stairs that are divided into 3 parts after every 70 feet.

Shivratri Fair

In the falgun month (according to Hindi Calendar) festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated in the temple with gaiety and fervour. During this festival a grand fair is being organized in the temple where huge crowd of devotees visit and join the celebration with enthusiasm.

Important facts about the Temple

  • According to a legend there is a tunnel at the bottom part of the temple that is connected to Kansganj. But its doors are closed from hundreds of years so there is no proof that this information related to tunnel is true or not.
  • This is the only temple in the world where four-faced Lord Shiva idol is worshipped.
  • One of the tallest idols in whole Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand of Lord Shiva is established here.

Dargah Sayyad Hasanshah Warsi

In the Marhara gate Pota Nagla Mohalla of district Etah a quite old Dargah of Sufi Sant Sayyad Hasanshah Warsi Rehmatullahaleh and Hazi Khairavati Shah Warsi Rehmatullah Shah where large mass of devotees visit every day due to spiritual significance of this place. It is believed that wish of devotees visiting this Dargah often gets fulfilled. Every year during Moharram, Urs is celebrated here.

Nasiya Jain Temple

One of the renowned Jain Temples Nasiya Jain Temple is located Shikohabad Road of District Etah.

Sai Temple

A renowned Sai temple is situated on Thandi Sadak of Etah. This temple quite popular amongst Sai Baba followers and has a huge gathering of his followers on every Thursday. Moreover, occasional various programmes like Bhajan Sandhya, Maha Aarti, Vishal Bhog etc. are organized here for the devotees.

Arsh Gurukul Yagya Teerth

Arsh Gurukul Yagya Teerth situated in Etah is one of the largest Yagya Shalas in the world. It is established on 84 pillars. It follows old principles of education for its students where teachings of culture, spiritual practices and Sanskrit is encouraged. It is a beautiful, lush green place, where you automatically go to the divine atmosphere. It is one such place in Etah where people irrespective of their age visit the "GURUKUL" on the yearly YAGYA samaroh & other functions and enjoys the spirituality and aura of spiritualism.

Soron (Birth Place of Goswami Tulsidas)

Soron is an ancient place situated in Kansganj. Here various ancient temples are situated. It is believed that it was here only where Goswami Tulsidas heard the mythological legend Ramayan from his master Narharidas. A Baldev temple situated here is one of the most ancient temples in Etah. Along with this, many ancient stupas are also found here where temples famous for Sita-Ram are located.