Shopping Places

Etah is a small city that has gradually transformed into an urbanized area. At many strategic locations across the city many shopping complexes, shopping centres and shopping stores can be found. Clothing stores here offer sale of wide range of clothing ranging from traditional wear to ethnic wear for both males and females. Along with stores for electronic appliances, gadgets and automobiles are also located in various parts of the city.

Etah city has numerous shops that sell garments and other locally made items amongst which Das market and Gandhi market offers the most wonderful experience of shopping. Apart from various shopping items like apparels, accessories, electronic items and automobiles these two places also offers a great variety of delicious Indian delicacies to visitors as these two places have several food joints that are famous for its food servings.

Apart from many markets present within and around Etah, Kansganj market situated near Etah is the most popular shopping destination for tourists as well as locals. Along with this, Awargarh city that is situated close to Etah is also an eminent shopping spot where many jewelry stores, shops for gold ornaments, sweets and clothing stores are present. Moreover, Jalesar city located close to Etah is renowned for its items made of brass that includes beautiful cast bells.