How to reach

By Air

Either you can take a flight to New Delhi and then travel for 3 hrs 14m by roadways to reach Etah, or simply take a flight to Agra and take a ride of around 1 hr 18 minutes to reach Etah City.

By Railways

To reach Etah by train, Jalesar is the nearest railway station that is connected to all major cities of the country. So, if you wish to reach Etah by railway, take a train to Jalesar railway station and then from there take a ride of around 53 minutes to reach Etah city.

By Roadways

Etah city is situated near capital city New Delhi and is well-connected to it by roadways. So, anyone who wishes to travel to Etah from New Delhi can take a ride of around 3 hrs 14m from New Delhi to Etah. Along with this is also well-connected to other cities via roadways that are Jalesar, Agra, Lucknow and Gwalior etc.