Geographical status

Etah is located at 27.63°N 78.67°E. It has an average elevation of 170 metres (557 feet). Etah is surrounded by many other districts that include Budaun, Aligarh, Farrukhabad, Mainpuri, Firozabad, Mahamaya Nagar, Kasganj. Eesan River flows through Etah (though it is almost dried up now).

Agriculture in Etah City:

Being situated on the Doab region (fertile region between two prominent rivers of India i.e. Yamuna and Ganga) agriculture is the prominent occupation of most of the people here to earn their living. Apparently, many crops are extensively grown here, some are maize,bazra, jowar, barley, wheat and rice. Along with these crops the land being irrigated by two most important rivers of India, tobacco is also grown easily in the nearby regions of Etah.

Soil in Etah City:

As Etah city is a Doab region; therefore, it possesses rich alluvial soil that is irrigated by Yamuna and Ganga. The alluvial soil is highly fertile and apt for cultivating various crops.

Climate of Etah City:

Like other northern state of India, Etah has a moderate sub-tropical climate in which winters are cold and summers are hot. Indeed, in winters temperature drops up to 10 degree Celsius and in summers temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius. And in monsoons it receives medium rainfall.