What is payroll?

A payroll is a list of employees of a company, organization or department, but the term is commonly used to refer to:

  • The total amount of money that is paid to employees by an organization/company/department.
  • A record of salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes of employees of organization/company/department.
  • The department of an organization/company/department that calculates and pays these.

Payroll Management in Nagar Palika Parishad

As Nagar Palika Parishad is a huge organization, therefore it is quite tedious and difficult to manage payroll of employess of the department. For this purpose, payroll management software is used to manage payroll ef employess of the department. It allows the department to organize, edit or reset payroll of employees.

It manages:

  • Employee / Salary Details
  • Salary Slip / Register Creation
  • Loans & Advances, Leave & Attendance and Overtime Management.
  • Bonus Calculation, Arrears Calculation, Leave encashment and other Payment.
  • Statutory reports of PF, ESIC, TDS and Professional tax.
  • PF Register, PF Form No. 12A, 5,10, 3A, 6A, Challan & Reconciliation Statement.