Grievances Redressal

Grievance Redressal is a management and governance related process carried out by Nagar Palika Parishad Etah that mainly deals with receipt and processing of complaints from citizens and consumers. It not only includes receipt of complaints but also involves actions taken on any issue raised by them to avail services more effectively.

Time limit of Grievance Redressal

S.NoSubject of ComplaintGrievance Redressal Time Limit
1- Leakage in pipeline 2 to 7 days
2- Change faulty water meter Within 15 days
3- Fixing of main pipeline leakage or breakage Within 24 hrs
4- Fixing Fail Pumping System On same working day
5- Improvement of polluted water supply / dirty or scummed water supply Within 24 hrs
6- Improvement of low pressure water supply Within 24 hrs
7- Repairs of public water column (stand post) Within 1 day
8- Fixing sewer jam Same day
9- Change of main hole cover 1 day
10- Fixing leakage in sewer line 2 to 7 days
11- Amendment of bill related to water, water value etc. 1 day
12- Cleanliness of roads, lanes and drains Within 24 hrs
13- Removal of Garbage 1 day
14- Removal of carcass of dead animals Same day
15- Cleanliness of roads, lanes and drains Within 24 hrs